Venice Is Sinking - Tour ( + Recording) Journal

We have a new album and sometimes we are on tour. We love you.

Location: Athens, Georgia


AZAR in Venus Zine!

Our new record is featured in the latest issue of Venus Zine! Click on the image to read the review. you can also read of a review of our last record, Sorry About The Flowers in the archives.


new video premieres on stereogum!

our new video for 'ryan's song' makes its internet debut today on stereogum!

here's the link :

thanks to ethan and jason of eikon productions and our helpers hallie, ian, chrissy and wes for making it happen!
*photo by chrissy reed


AZAR review!

our new album AZAR was reviewed in the winter issue of Under the Radar Magazine. Click on the image to read the review!


new live video

someone was kind enough to shoot some video of our last show here in athens. enjoy!

'compass' by okay

'Azar One / Pebble Hill'

'Pulaski Heights'


indiecater xmas

When our friend Kevin (from mp3hugger) asked us to be on his Christmas compilation An Indiecater Christmas, we were more than happy to oblige. Our first attempt at a Christmas song (a tune called The Grey Line) appears alongside several other holiday tracks by some brilliant bands from all over the world. The complete album costs a mere €6.50!

1) The Cloud Room - Melody, Like Snow (Dancing Around The Christmas Tree In New York)
2) Nina Hynes - Twinkle (Fixing Fairy Lights In Berlin)
3) Kill Krinkle Club - Songs Of Noel (Playing Twister In Dublin)
4) Bill Baird - Christmas In Jail (Throwing Snowballs In Austin)
5) Idaho - Santa Claus Is Weird (Leaving Cookies Out In Los Angeles)
6) Venice Is Sinking - The Grey Line (Putting Up Decorations In Athens, Georgia)
7) Normandy - Merry Christmas, Blogosphere! (Ice Skating In New York)
8) The Very Most - This Year, Christmas Came November 4th (Playing Santa In Boise)
9) Remington Super 60 - Here Comes Christmas (Wrapping Presents In Fredrikstad)
10) Jape & David Kitt - I Will Cry This Christmas (Sobering Granny Up In Dublin)
11) The Specimen - Wish It Would Snow (Listening To The Bells In Brooklyn)
12) Nonstop Everything - There Is No Santa, Little Boy (Pulling Crackers In Pittsburgh)
13) My Teenage Stride - Is It Christmastime Already? (Hanging Mistletoe In Brooklyn)
14) Dora Flood - Coastal Winter (Carving Turkey In San Francisco)
15) Loxsly - Santa Got The Spins (Feeling Stuffed In Austin)
16) Track A Tiger - Once In The Wine (Singing Carols In Chicago)
17) The Winks - Action Figures (Stoking The Yule Log In Montreal)


rubber stamps

most of my evening has been spent listening to records and stamping the front covers of promotional versions of our new album AZAR. it has been a very exciting wednesday night here on ruth street. we had a bunch of rubber stamps custom made (which i remember being pretty excited about at one point), but after hours of rolling block printing ink onto a breyer and then onto a wooden stamp, i am starting to have second thoughts about our cost saving experiment. they do look pretty good though...

this weekend we're heading to the coast to play a show in the town of thunderbolt, ga (which jeremy assures me is an actual place). he should know - his family is from that part of the world. the venue we're playing at is called Coach's Corner. i hope we have time to eat some local seafood and i pray we don't have to endure too many jimmy buffet covers.


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AZAR is coming. Preorders starting now!

Good gosh, it's been busy around here at Venice is Sinking HQ. And we've got some big-time news for you:

Our new LP, AZAR, is coming: March, 2009! And we're taking preorders right now for those of you who want to jump the gun!

That's right! Our second album, AZAR, will (finally!) see release, courtesy of our wonderful label, One Percent Press. As you may remember, OPP (haha) released our last full-length, Sorry About The Flowers, as well as our first EP, so we decided to keep things in the family seeing as they've done such a bang-up job thus far.

We're very excited to bring this album to you. It was recorded on weekends from May, 2007 until March, 2008 at Scott Solter's superb Baucom Road Studios in Monroe, NC, and Scott really pushed us pretty hard in terms of musicianship and overall vision. Scott's known for his work with John Vanderslice, the Mountain Goats, and Pattern is Movement, and he brought that same creative production to the process, challenging us to move out of our comfort zone. We recorded on tape, bucking current fix-it-in-ProTools trends. It was a tough record to make (there were times where we wanted to strangle each other!), but we are so proud of the results. It's the record we've always wanted to make: emotional, dynamic, ambitious, and difficult. It's not really a singles type of album, but we're okay with that. It's much different than Sorry About The Flowers, and we're okay with that, too. We think you're really gonna like it.

And guess what? You, our loyal fans, can preorder AZAR right now. That's right. Get a copy of AZAR waaaay early. As soon as we get the discs, we'll send them to you. $10, shipping and handing included! You can't beat that with a stick! Get a copy before all of your friends! Give the gift of an AZAR preorder this Christmas! We will send out the discs as soon as we have them in January, two months before the release date. International orders are welcome, though shipping and handling might be a tad more.


Trust us when we say that the artwork is gorgeous (check out the cover here!), and the entire package is going to be something special. You can preview songs on our MySpace,, Facebook, and iLike pages:

More information to come in the coming months on touring and our next album, slated for release in August, 2009. You heard that right...two albums in 2009! POW!

Venice is Sinking

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